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e-Shram | NATIONAL DATABASE OF UNORGANISED WORKERS | Register in e-Shram | Update e-Shram Card

Ministry of Labour & Employment | Government of India

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1. Registration Fee 1. Registration Fee
2. Age Limit 2. Age Limit
3. Eligibility Criteria 3. Eligibility Criteria
4. Income Criteria 4. Income Criteria
5. Who is Unorganized Worker? 5. Who is Unorganized Worker?
6. What is Unorganized Sector? 6. What is Unorganized Sector?

Registration Fee

Registration on eSHRAM portal is free.
Workers are not required to pay any charges to any registering entity.

Age Limit

Age Between 16 Years to 59 Years.

Eligibility Criteria

Any worker who is unorganized is eligible to register on the eSHRAM portal.
Aged between 16 years to 59 years is Eligible to register on the eSHRAM portal.

Income Criteria

There are no income criteria for registering on eSHRAM as unorganized worker.
However, he / she should not be an income tax payee.

Who is Unorganized Worker?

Age should be between 16-59 years.
Any worker who is a home based-worker, self-employed worker or a wage worker in the unorganised sector including a worker in the organised sector who is not a member of ESIC or EPFO or not a Govt. employee is called an Unorganised Worker.

What is Unorganized Sector?

Unorganized sector comprises of establishment/ units which are engaged in the production/ sale of goods/ services and employs less than 10 workers. These units are not covered under ESIC & EPFO.
What is UAN?
Universal Account Number is a 12 digits number uniquely assigned to each unorganized worker after registration on eSHRAM portal. UAN number will be a permanent number i.e. once assigned, it will remain unchanged for the worker’s lifetime.
What is the benefit?
Central Government has developed eSHRAM portal which will be a centralized database of unorganized workers seeded with Aadhaar.
After registering, he/she will get an Accidental Insurance cover of 2 Lacs under PMSBY.
In future, all the social security benefits of unorganized workers will be delivered through this portal.
In emergency and national pandemic like situations, this database may be utilized to provide necessary assistance to the eligible unorganized workers.
Validity Period
This is a permanent number and valid for lifetime.
Objectives of eSHRAM
Creation of a centralized database of all unorganized workers (UWs) including Construction Workers, Migrant Workers, Gig and Platform workers, Street Vendors, Domestic Workers, Agriculture Workers, etc., to be seeded with Aadhaar.
To improve the implementation efficiency of the social security services for the unorganized workers.(ii) Integration of Social Security Schemes meant for UWs being administered by MoLE and subsequently those run by other ministries as well.
Sharing of information in respect of registered unorganised workers with various stakeholders such as Ministries/ Departments/ Boards/ Agencies/ Organisations of the Central & State Governments through APIs for delivery of various social security and welfare schemes being administered by them.
Portability of the social security and welfare benefits to the migrant and construction workers.
Providing a comprehensive database to Central and State Governments for tackling any National Crises like COVID-19 in future.
Documents Required
Following is required by the worker to register on the eSHRAM portal –
Aadhaar Number
Mobile number linked with Aadhaar
Savings Bank Account number with IFSC code
Note : If a worker does not have Aadhaar linked mobile number, he / she can visit nearest CSC’s and register through Biometric authentication.
How to Apply by Online
Visit Website "eshram.gov.in".
Click on "REGISTER on e-Shram" link given on the right side of the page.
In Self Registration page Enter Aadhaar linked Mobile Number and Captcha.
Click on the option "Send OTP".
Enter the OTP, the registration from for e-Shram will open.
Enter Personal detail, Educational Details, Address Detail and Bank Details.
Choose an option Previews Self - Declaration.
You can now obtain the (12 - Digits) UAN (Universal Account Number) Card, Which can alse be Download for future use, Following the Preview.
How to Download e-Shram Card
Visit Website "eshram.gov.in".
Click on "REGISTER on e-Shram" link given on the right side of the page.
Click on "Already Register" link given on the top - left side of the navigation bar.
Click on "Download UAN Card" link given Inside the "Already Registered" select option on the navigation bar.
Enter "Aadhaar linked mobile number" and "Captcha" then click on "Send OTP".
Then enter "OTP" and click on "Submit" button.
Enter "Aadhaar Number", Select "OTP" or "Iris"  or "Fingerprint" and enter "Captcha" then click on the "Submit" button.
If Select "OTP" then Enter "OTP" in input box and click on "Validate" button.
Go to Bottom of the page check "I agree that all yhe information shown above are correct" and then click on "Update E-kyc information".
Click on "DOWNLOAD UAN CARD" link given on the middle of the page.
Click on "Download UAN Card" button goven on the top - right of the page.
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Update Date : 21-Jan-2022 | Friday
Time : 08:29 PM
e-Shram | NATIONAL DATABASE OF UNORGANISED WORKERS | Register in e-Shram, Update e-Shram Card, Registration Fee, Age Limit, Eligibility Criteria, Income Criteria, Who is Unorganized Worker? What is Unorganized Sector?What is UAN? What is the benefit? Validity Period, Objectives of eSHRAM, Documents Required, How to Apply by Online, How to Download e-Shram Card, Path24x7 | Ministry of Labour & Employment | Government of India
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